We are now the international NGO for the Primero Lo Primero alliance.

We are a U.S. not for profit dedicated to supporting the healthy early childhood development of Colombia’s most vulnerable children. The first three years of life are critical for brain development, impacting both the social and intellectual life of a child. Our vision is to help shape a generation of citizens capable of growing Colombia into a developed country with significantly increased economic opportunity for all.

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Semillas de Gigantes

Semillas de Gigantes is a monthly contribution for the early childhood development of the most vulnerable children in Colombia. A child requires additional support of $60 dollars a month at El Caracolí. You can contribute with a monthly donation starting at $10 dollars per month which allows for sustained support. Through collective impact we can change the future generations of Colombia!  #semillasdegigantes

Why Invest in Early Childhood Development (ECD) ?

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