aeioTU -Fundación Carulla was established in 2008 as a social enterprise that works in partnership with the public and private sector in Colombia to provide comprehensive high-quality care (education, nutrition and care to children from birth until age five). Additionally aeioTU supports other early childhood centers and educators to expand their knowledge and program reach. In 2016 the aeioTU network is comprised of 28 high quality comprehensive centers impacting over 13,000 children throughout Colombia.


Measuring Impact

Since 2010, the National Institute of E.U. Research on Early Childhood Education in collaboration with the University of Los Andes, conducted the longitudinal study for aeioTU. The evaluation has the financial support of the Jacobs Foundation, the UBS Optimus Foundation and the Inter – American Development Bank.

The longitudinal study seeks to understand the impact of the aeioTU program on the children and families in nutrition, health, cognitive development, and emotional development.

aeioTU Inspiration

The aeioTU Educational Experience is characterized by the guidance we give the children in order to find the meaning of life in a natural and joyful manner. aeioTU is inspired by Reggio Emilia, an education philosophy that considers the child as the active main character of his/her own learning. The Reggio Emilia philosophy is recommended by the European Union and the University of Harvard and is recognized by UNESCO as the best pedagogy in the world for early childhood.


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