El Caracolí

El Caracolí, was incorporated as an independent not-for-profit organization under Colombian law on June 9, 2010 in the municipality of Yumbo, Valle de Cauca. FSBS helped recruit a local Board of Directors, secure funding, and form an alliance between Smurfit Carton de Colombia Foundation, Jardín Críos, and First Step Big Step. Today El Caracoli is impacting the lives of over 1,000 children zero to five living in extreme poverty.



A Comprehensive Approach that Works

First Step Big Step understands that successful childhood development is a comprehensive approach which includes nutrition, health, sanitation, and juridical protection.

El Caracoli offers children up to 5 years, a program that teaches the social and educational tools needed to become proactive members of the community in accordance with policy guidelines and Government Policy, which combines the efforts of various sectors, thus ensuring the fulfillment of their basic needs, protection, upbringing, and development.


How El Caracoli does it?

  • Teachings are done in small groups
  • A school year from January to December
  • An 8-hour school day
  • Two nutritious meals a day
  • Certified Teachers
  • Growth and development assessment for each child monitored by a professional team.

The Center’s diverse group of professionals:

  • An advisory team of professionals in the fields of health, nutrition, language (speech therapy), pre-school pedagogy and psychology.
  • A team of head teachers and assistants with training, knowledge and experience in early childhood development.
  • An interdisciplinary team of teachers certified in the fields of art, biology, mathematics, library, music and movement. It also includes a coordinator, director and administrative and service personnel.